Why we’ve made our code open source

Today, at Streamr, we’re very happy to be open sourcing our first big tranche of code. This, says CEO, Henri Pihkala, is the first of many such steps, which he believes are crucially important to Streamr’s continued success. Streamr’s Head of Communications, Shiv Malik, interviewed Henri this week to find out why. Here’s what he had to say.

Why not keep Streamr’s code base closed? Why, in effect, are you giving away Streamr’s intellectual property?

Well, an open codebase enables the community to follow our technical progress more closely and even participate in developing Streamr. For example, it’s fairly easy to build new modules for the Streamr Engine. Perhaps we’re giving away something, but we’re also getting something much more exciting in return!

On top of this this, openness adds transparency and network effects, both of which are really important to us. Plus, once fully decentralised, all components of the Streamr system will be run by community members and not us. So, they really need to know exactly what they are running on their systems. We’re also big believers in how decentralisation and incentivisation can change how apps and services are implemented and run. In our vision of the future, there’s really no competitive edge in secrecy.
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Your questions answered: Streamr on the Ethereum network

Curiosity about the Streamr project from the community continues to grow, along with the broader interest in decentralised applications, blockchain technology and smart contacts.

Three-and-a-half months on from our crowdfunding, many of you out there have sent us some really in-depth questions with a number of them centring in around Streamr’s interaction with Ethereum.

You had concerns about Ethereum scaling, in what ways Streamr is blockchain agnostic and how DATA coin might function on different blockchains in the future. They’re all brilliant questions and so we’ve decided to compile them – along with our answers of course – in one handy to read blog.

So, let’s see what’s been on your minds …

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