DEVCON3 roundup

Back now in Europe after Devcon3. Weatherwise, of course, things are not quite the same here, drizzle and 5 degrees above zero being the order of the day.

But we bring back many warm memories! Devcon 3 was a great experience, the event hummed along nicely and mostly without safety worries. Some unsavoury characters were seen around, though.

Cozumel Splendid Toadfish (Sanopus splendidus)

Despite such distractions, we were able to catch up with old friends, make new friends, and find out more about a number of exciting projects.

As to the official program, Henri was on stage in the P2P breakout track. He gave an overview of the Streamr platform and discussed how it enables machines and connected devices to share and monetize real-time data. Henri also did a live demo, building a real-time analytics pipeline from scratch on stage, and connected it to an Ethereum smart contract. The breakout sessions were recorded but not live streamed, but the Devcon team should make the recordings available online soon.

Interesting opportunities for collaboration transpired. For instance, also presenting in the P2P track was Eric Tang from Livepeer. In discussions afterwards it became clear — perhaps not surprisingly — that the tech for decentralised live video shares common ground with decentralised real-time messaging, and there are certainly possibilities for collaborative development. Henri and Eric tentatively agreed on a joint technical workshop later on to discuss this opportunity further.

For my part, I gave a joint presentation with Gregory Landua on the The Data Mechanics of Saving the Planet. You can see this talk in the morning session on Day 4 here:

REGEN is a wonderful use case for the blockchain, showing how secure decentralized ledger technology and real-time messaging can be used for the common good. The above recording includes an inspiring embedded video, and Gregory of Terra Genesis International makes a great case for a better planet via regenerative agriculture and verified carbon sequestration in his informed but laid-back fashion. We at Streamr are happy to help with the decentralized data infrastructure that underpins their vision.

Many good talks were had with other teams on various fronts where we believe Streamr can be helpful. We’ll come back to those initiatives in the following weeks and months, and will keep everyone informed as progress is being made.

Just to mention some friends old or new, we first got in touch with the good folks at Oaken Innovations from Texas through Trusted IoT Alliance. We were glad to have the opportunity to meet up in person with John and the rest of the team in Cancun.

It was also great to meet with Jun, Vansa and others from OmiseGo, hopefully we can catch up again soon. Deep discussions were had with Julian, Grzegorz, Alex, Andrezj, Piotr, Shiv and the rest of the Golem team, and concrete things will follow. We much enjoyed exchanging ideas and swapping stories with FriendUp team, Arne, Hogne, Thomas, and David.

From Brian Fox we heard about Orchid who are working on a blockchain-based protocol (a kind of decentralized VPN) that lets users access the internet free of censorship and surveillance. Now that’s a formidable prospect!

Microservices are close to our hearts, given that one of the uses of Streamr it to create them or connect to them. Talks with Lucas Geiger of Wireline opened up interesting possibilities on that front.

Lucas Geiger from Wireline and Henri from Streamr in a deep technical discussion.

On real-time data, the work by Thomson Reuters is something we find particularly interesting. We see a great practical demand for trusted financial data as input to smart contracts.

Moving on to mobile devices, the whitepaper by Antti Saarnio and the team at Zipper Global opens up fascinating prospects on bringing the blockchain to the masses and developing the ecosystem. Antti is one of the founders of Jolla, the team behind the Sailfish mobile operating system.

Many thanks for those who attended the impromptu Streamr community get-together (first one ever!) at the Grand Fiesta Americana lobby bar. Dozens of people showed up, even though the event was very ad-hoc. Good to see you all! We are grateful, of course, to our dear advisors and early supporters, and luckily were able to meet up with a number of you. You know who you are.

BTW, we are hiring! We are looking for a head of communications, a person to co-develop the strategy of how Streamr interacts with its followers and gains new ones. This person would have a mission of developing our community every day, producing content to help communicate the Streamr vision, and maximising transparency into what we are doing. Experience in writing and community building, native English skills, and insight into technology are essential. We are also looking for experienced software engineers to join our team. Or particular interest at present are masterful QA and devops engineers, as well as folks with P2P networking experience. We also find Java, Javascript, and React/Redux skills extremely useful, as they are all over our tech. To discuss these opportunities, just reach out using any of the channels listed in the footer of our website.

To stay up to date, follow Streamr on Twitter, and join our community chat.

You’ve got DATA! – Airdrop announcement

In a previous blog post, we hinted at a nice little surprise coming up. Well, for sure, the recently announced major exchange listing will count as one, but that’s not the surprise we had in mind at the time. We were planning an airdrop.

An airdrop means, in this case, taking a snapshot of the ETH balances on all existing accounts on the Ethereum blockchain, and distributing out Streamr DATAcoin to each address in proportion to how much ETH it holds. While an unconceivable stunt in traditional centralised finance, the open ledger of the blockchain makes this possible. It is like inverse pickpocketry at scale: small amounts of tokens are automatically pushed into everyone’s pockets, with no action required on the receiver’s end.

Impressed and humbled by the support and attention our project received from the Ethereum community during our ICO, we wanted to give a little something back: Plant seeds which may grow to great network effects. Establish DATA as a staple item in most Ethereum enthusiasts’ wallet, enabling them to try out the product later on. And celebrate the upcoming Devcon3 conference with some DATA fireworks!

We are dropping a total of 10 million DATA to all 433,045 addresses which held at least 1 ETH at block #4270897. This equals around 1% of all DATAcoin in existence, and amounts to approximately 0.1 DATA per held ETH. You will only receive DATA if you held at least 1 ETH.

As some of you may have noticed, the airdrop is already happening. It is being carried out at a modest pace to avoid clogging the Ethereum network too much, and will take over a week to complete. The progress bar below shows the state of the airdrop.

Airdrop is (loading…) % complete

The snapshot block is from September 13th, the day before our precontribution period started in September. We thought it would be a nice gesture to use a pre-ICO snapshot, in order to observe the ETH contributed to our ICO still held by their original owners.

While modest in size and value compared to the most notable ERC20 token airdrop in history, the one recently completed out by OmiseGO, we are at a much earlier stage in our journey as a project. But we follow in the footsteps of giant(s).

A significant amount of ETH is held by the large exchanges in their various hot and cold wallets. We warmly encourage the exchanges to pass on the dropped tokens to their clients using any logic they choose. It would also be awesome if token projects holding significant ETH chose to show their support by re-airdropping the DATA they receive to their respective token holders!

To stay up to date, make sure to follow Streamr on Twitter, and join our community chat.

May the weather be clear in Cancun despite the DATA rain! See you there! Best wishes.

Please stay safe! There is nothing you need to do receive the airdrop. There is no claiming procedure, it is automatic. If you see a message asking you to take action, such as log in to your wallet or provide any information, it is a scam.