Dev update January

Welcome to the Streamr team’s first developer update! I’m Aapeli Haanpuu and I’ll be here to update you every month about how our software development is coming along and what each member of the team has been up to during the last 30 days or so. Let’s get started!

In January, everyone arrived refreshed from our Christmas holidays and got back to business. That meant going through all the hanging pull requests and JIRA tickets. After a long session with the whole team they have now been merged and resolved. Also during the last month, we hired two new developers, Mariusz Roliński and Kare Nuorteva. Welcome to the team, Kare and Mariusz!

Here’s what else we managed to complete:

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Zipper CEO Dr. Antti Saarnio on why partnering with Streamr is a big win-win

Despite its potential to be one of the great global disruptors of the next two decades, the blockchain is still far from user-friendly. For a start, exchanging digital tokens and managing private keys securely can be cumbersome. The blockchain also lacks ease and efficiency when it comes to helping people to control and monetise the value of the data they create. Imagine how easily this could all change with the creation of a blockchain smartphone?

Bringing blockchain power to the people

Happily, that day could soon be upon us thanks to Zipper. This Ethereum-based mobile platform, which recently announced a partnership with Streamr, aims to develop a dedicated blockchain smartphone solution for the easy and secure use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications, right out of the box. This all happens on an operating system level and, therefore, promises a much-needed next step up from current wallet apps. What’s more, to achieve its goal, Zipper is already creating a blockchain community phone program for the Sony Xperia X.

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